How To Use Jenkins?

15 Jul 2019

Jenkins is an open source automation software that helps in continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Implementing Reorder In Ionic 4

06 May 2019

The ion-reorder component will allow you to drag and drop items, thus changing the order of the list.

Side Menu In Ionic 4

05 May 2019

Ionic 4 contains a component called ion-menu that will enable you to easily create a side menu for navigation.

Theming your App In Ionic 4

25 Apr 2019

Ionic 4 is mostly used as a UI framework, it can be easily customized and changed according to the requirements.

Getting Started with Ionic

13 Apr 2019

Ionic is a framework that helps you to create hybrid applications, thus you will have only one codebase for both IOS and Android. The latest version of ionic is ionic 4. Since ionic is written using web languages, then it uses cordova to be able to use native device functionalities.

Understanding Git Part 2 (Git Commands)

05 Sep 2018

Extra information about Git, that may help you in your daily life.

Understanding Git Part 1

19 Aug 2018

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git can be used to track old versions of files and to check all the different changes.

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